I’ve been watching Romantic Comedies for quite some time now, and also I am single for 2 years, and at this point in time, I miss love. I feel disconnected about falling in love and the happiness and wonders it gives, but that is a story for some other day. However, that is the reason why I am watching this kind of genre again. I miss love.
So in my quest of searching the best romantic comedies, I always try to be very picky so I won’t waste anymore time in watching one- i.e. Strangers In Seattle and When in Rome.
I stumbled upon a 2013 movie About Time.
It was a good movie to say the least. It has a compelling story, even the supernatural aspect of it which is time travel of course isn’t told and portrayed in a cheesy way, like all other hollywood movies do. Everything just came out naturally and I am sold.